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To use an example of a physician, financial challenges take many forms…and our mission is to identify them, and develop financial and/or investment solutions to help you succeed. A prospect or Client may have a situation that concerns them, and is focused on ‘making it go away’. Many times, that is the case. However, that issue or challenge may be a ‘symptom’ of other related items; and treating the symptom may not address the variables necessary to ‘make it go away’. That is why we want to learn about your complete financial picture. 

To use a travel analogy….if you don’t know where you are, how are you going to get to where you’re going?   It is important to take the time to look at the whole picture, in order to develop customized strategies…whether to accumulate wealth, preserve it for your future needs…or perhaps leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones or other causes you deeply care about.  

From investments for retirement, college savings, funding a trust for Special Needs or other goals, we help you define them and work toward them with you. We have professional contacts in the tax and legal fields, who can augment those aspects of your life objectives; or we are more than happy to work with yours.

No matter where you are, we help you with the today and tomorrow aspects of your financial life. Taking the time to understand and create customized solutions your life challenges most important to you, is what we do. And we are with you every step of the way.

Are you behind in saving for retirement, and don’t know what to do? Do you have a sense of hopelesness, and need a ‘how’ solution?  How do you want to spend your time after your working years?

Retirement should not come as a surprise! Starting early, contributing often, having an investment professional to provide objective advice, and put market gyrations into context will help keep you on track.

We can provide education about the funds in employer sponsored plans, establish Individual IRA accounts that you control, establish small business and employer plans…all designed to help you make the most of building an income base to take when you need it.

Planning isn’t a mysterious art form. It should be part of helping you achieve your investment goals. It is a plan, or that road map to help you get where you want to go. However, no matter how great a plan one has, Life has a way of putting obstacles in your way. We deal with these by simply modifying the plan. What can we do differently to help you remain on track, or close to it? That is where ongoing review and discussions are valuable. It’s why we aren’t Monday thru Friday 9-5. If it is a concern to you; it is a concern to us. That’s why we’re here, and help you make those adjustments.   Sometimes a change in strategy, a reallocation of a portfolio, or a different product can make all the difference in your future.

Not everyone is destined to go to a traditional university or college; there are trade schools for auto repair, computer and information technology, and specialty art and music institutions. Sometimes people don’t know where to start. How much will this university or college cost? How much have I saved? Am I starting too late? These are important first steps to developing a plan. Once we ‘have a number’, we can figure out how much to save; and provide that comfort that the funds alone, or in conjunction with scholarships and grants will provide that affordability.  There are several solutions such as your states College Savings Plans, Uniform Gift to Minors (UGMA), and Coverdell Plans.

Unexpected things happen in Life. Life insurance is an unpleasant subject to think about.  Without being prepared, so is how to provide for the income loss from a loved one, whose paycheck the Family depended upon.  Defining the appropriate ‘need’ amount is important! We don’t want to over or under insure someone. We help you identify that amount.  What happens if someone is injured or disabled and cannot work? Accidents happen! We offer Disability Insurance to take care of that short term loss of income. 

Many people think Long Term Care insurance is for the elderly. Today’s products can help provide income and financial backing for all ages. In some cases, it can be used in the event of an auto accident. Will you have enough funds, and a plan to address a Family member moving into a residence to care for them?  Family members and friends, while valuable in providing this care, soon find themselves burned out with work at their employer, taking care of regular household chores, homework, and now the Family member. This doesn’t take into account the financial burden on their finances.

Wouldn’t it be nice to shift the burden to a product designed to provide that financial support?  We can provide strategies and products to protect your lifestyle as well as those dependent upon your income.

We have helped many individuals and Families create a plan to get their debt behind them, so they can move forward with a clean slate. Instead of paying creditors, they are now paying themselves…funding retirement plans, saving for college, saving for the things which are enjoyable aspects of a better lifestyle. We will educate, coach, and if desired, be someone to whom you are accountable.  .

An unexpected inheritance comes your way from that individual you helped and never gave it a second thought. Now what?  Does it have the potential to change your financial life?  What should you do with it? Pay off the mortgage? Fund college savings? Take that dream vacation or buy that dream home?  What are the effects of doing these when you consider your current financial life? Are these really ‘smart’ moves?  Will you create a huge tax liability?

Of course, there are other life changes such as getting married, divorced, a new child, as well as an inheritance. All of them can affect your estate plans, as well as your current financial situation. We can help sort the pro’s and con’s of what to do, and incorporate them into your plan.

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